Ultrasound scale-up

A large amount of the external research work carried out in sonic and ultrasound assisted bioprocessing has used either intense probe or ultrasonic bath based equipment. In fact the cavitation produced with high-power probes can lead to damage of the ultrasonic device where intense cavitation occurs very close to the radiating probe surface. Indeed intense cavitation can destroy cellular activity. For newer and innovative Celbius Sonobioprocessing (SBP) these limitations can be overcome by using the proprietary ultrasonic flow-cell systems manufactured by Sonic Systems Ltd.

Celbius has a range of ultrasound equipment for both laboratory studies and deployment in an industrial environment  and manufacturing trials and can work in collaboration in devising the most appropriate scale-up options by working closely with the Client and appropriate process / ultrasonic engineering partners.

The large scale ultrasonic flow-cell equipment can be ATEX approved for use with flammable solvents or in the manufacture of biofuels such as bioethanol and can be sterilised in readiness for fermentation.

For manufacturing operations it is more usual to configure ultrasonic modules into a recirculation loop. This retro-fit option is useful for fixed or mobile installation to pre-existing fermenters or bioreactors with respect to ease of operation, and reduced capex and opex. The configuration can also be modified easily to incorporate secondary feed streams.

Successful Sonobioprocessing involves:
  • Sensible power consumption and efficient use of electrical energy by using proprietary bonded  transducer ultrasonic flow-cells
  • Avoiding biological cell damage or kill
  • Recirculation external treatment loops for a variety of conditions, residence time and flow regimes
  • No internal moving parts within the ultrasonic flow-cells and instead using turbulent flow for efficient and    transient / periodic exposure of process liquor to the ultrasonic field
  • Custom designed ATEX and non-ATEX equipment as required
  • Modular approach so as to incorporate as many ultrasonic units as required for a given application







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