Tuesday, 03 February 2015 18:30

Natural product extract from waste olive pomace

Celbius has developed a new extraction process based upon its Sonication Enhanced Extraction (SEE) technology in order to derive a semi-purified extract from abundant olive pomace – the waste skins, fruit, stone and seed waste material once olive oil has been recovered. The growing of olive trees and harvesting of their fruit has been occurring for millennia in Mediterranean countries. It has since spread to many other countries where around 3 million tonnes of olive oil are produced annually. On Mediterranean shores the largest olive oil producing countries are Spain and Tunisia. Olive oil is an important foodstuff due to its beneficial nutritional and medicinal properties. Mature olives contain substantial amounts of oleanolic acid and maslinic acid, two pentacyclic triterpene acids. Once olive oil has been harvested the millions of tonnes of waste pomace still harbour a number of useful phytochemicals including valuable terpene acids.

This extract can be manufactured economically by Celbius technology and has significant value as a semi-purified product or fully purified to biologically active molecules for pharmaceutical, plant and entomological research

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