Biocatalysis, including fermentation and processing involving the use of isolated or immobilised enzymes, represents a range of ubiquitous process operations applied to fine / sustainable chemicals, manufactured as part of Biorefining, and pharmaceutical manufacture. The application of Sonobioprocessing to biocatalysis is in its infancy but can be used for improved: 

  • kinetics, cell growth and productivity
  • mixing and mass transfer
  • cell permeation (cell wall mass transport)
  • gas transfer
  • fermentation product gas removal 

Central to the Celbius approach to ultrasound assisted bioprocessing –sonobioprocessing - is the application of ultrasound at scale to any bioprocessing unit operation for controlling and enhancing:

  • productivity
  • batch cycle time
  • production costs
  • conversion rates
  • purification
  • biocatalyst utilisation


Ultrasound assisted processing can be applied to biocatalysis, fermentation and bioprocessing including:

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