About us

Celbius management team and co-founders

Dr Steve Taylor - Chief Scientific Officer

Steve is a founder of Celbius Ltd, and is a director of Zembra Ltd. He has a scientific and technical background with a proven track record in industrial biocatalysis in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Zembra is developing new products and processes based on agricultural waste See here for further information on Zembra Ltd. In addition, he has been instrumental in establishing and growing the biocatalysis technology base of Almac Sciences, which now has one of the most prominent biocatalysis groups in the UK. 



Dr Clive Rankin - Chairman

Clive has a strong broad international experience in executive management across a variety of industrial sectors and is now a business angel, adviser and non-executive director to small businesses. He was formerly Divisional Chairman of Laporte and Vice President of Degussa, before operating freelance in private equity as part of Lancea Partners. Clive  brings a broad business experience in both small and large companies together with his network in private equity.

This team has the necessary track record and expertise to develop Celbius into a world leading green technology business. 

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